COVID-19 test (PCR method) is safe and fast. LabQuest lab.

We are testing for COVID-19 and COVID-19 antibodies in the international arrival area of Domodedovo Airport
Map of Domodedovo airport
It is very easy to find us!

We are located next to the international arrival area.

For those who leaving the security area - on the right.

For those who come to Domodedovo Airport: entrance no.2. Turn left and walk to the end of the hall, pass the escalator, then pass the international arrival area.

The LabQuest desks are on the right. You will recognize us by our signature- light green color and logo.

We work around the clock, without breaks!

Price of Covid-19 Test at Domodedovo Airport:

Prices for tests at LabQuest airport desk are the same as in Moscow offices
Срок выполнения 1 час
ПЦР-тест на COVID-19 до 1 часа
3600 Р
Period of execution 1-2 hours
3000 RUB
Period of execution 6 hours
2750 RUB
Period of execution 12 hours
2500 RUB
Period of execution 24 hours
2000 RUB
Please pay attention! There is no need for prior appointment, we are making Tests upon self-completion of the questionnaire on the website and online payment. Please prepare your documents to present them at the reception.
Questions and answers

How does testing work?

Before testing, you need to fill out a questionnaire on the website, specifying your contact and passport details, and an online payment for the Test. After registering at the reception desk, you will be invited to the office for the analysis. For the coronavirus test, the epithelial cells of the oropharynx and nasopharynx are scraped off. Analytical sensitivity of the test: 1. 0x103 copies of RNA in a milliliter of the sample (copies * ml-1). The test allows you to determine the disease at an early stage, before the first symptoms.

How to receive the results?

We will inform you by SMS when the Test is ready and send the result to your email address. You can download a certificate with a QR code for uploading to Public Services in your personal account on our website. Also, if necessary, you can get a printed version of your test at any of Labquest’s offices.

How to pay for the Test

Only online payments are acceptable at the moment, after your pre-order on the website. Payments by cash or by card at the reception desk are not acceptable.

Is it possible to get the result in English?

Yes, to get a certificate in English, you need to order Test with a result in English.
Take the COVID-19 test
The result will be sent to your email address and will be available at your personal account, after deadline in the Test card

АО "ЛабКвест"

Юридический адрес - 121059, Москва,
Бережковская набережная, д. 20, стр. 13
Взятие биоматериала по данному адресу не осуществляется. Адреса медицинских офисов

Юридический адрес - 121059, Москва,
Бережковская набережная, д. 20, стр. 13

Бережковская набережная, д. 20, стр. 13



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